Product Care

We are not responsible for damage that you may have caused on your purchases. We will however advise you in the best way possible to take care of your products to keep you looking beautiful!


Using products such as lotion, perfume or other skincare products on or near jewelry can potentially tarnish some products, so try to keep jewelry away from skin products and water as much as possible. 

Sterling silver (.925) or silver plated jewelry will tarnish over time but it can usually be removed easily using a sterling silver cleaning cloth* or there are homemade silver cleaners* listed on the internet as well. Air will tarnish silver, so if you choose not to wear your jewelry for long periods of time, keeping it in an airtight container or plastic bag is best. 

Plated Metal will tarnish over time, but with good care and keeping it away from skincare products and water will keep it looking shiny and beautiful for a long time.   

We advise that you don't wear jewelry when constantly moving or in activity. Bumps and pulls on the jewelry can easily bend or break jewelry. 

We advise that you handwash cold on all of our clothing products. Gently washing them by hand will ensure products will hold it's form. 

Detergents can be too strong, so adding a tiny bit of shampoo when handwashing can help clean any dirt or grime. Avoid excess contact with perfume or deodorants. 

Do not place products in the dryer as it may shrink. Do not dryclean. Hang drying in shade is the best way to care for the quality of our clothing. 

*Using jewelry cleaner too often can also put wear and tarnish on the jewelry.